I love to cut out stencils. I get it from my Granda. I love the smell of spray paint. It's probably not good for me. I love bright colours and big characters. I try to find a lot of both. Making stencils is my third favourite thing.

My Work

I paint whatever's on my mind. I have no favourite subject matter. I spray onto anything, and cut stencils of all sizes. I like to think that my paintings make people smile and cheer the place up a bit. Click on what I do to see a short film of me in action.


Every stencil I cut by hand. Each one that I spray is unique. I spend hours cutting stencils. I cut thin card. I spend a lot of time wondering when thick paper turns into thin card, and which I'd rather be. I can spray each stencil about 10 times before the card starts to deteriorate. I spend a lot of time cutting out shapes, alone, listening to music. I enjoy it very much. The first time I cut a stencil it's usually with someone in mind, after that they're usually on request. If you like anything, get in touch and I'll spray you something pretty.

Respect for the past

Live for the present

Hope for the future