I love cutting stuff out. I've had a lot of good times because of it. And got to know some canny amazing people through it. I love seeing pictures of my friends on walls as I wander around, in doors and out. I rely heavily on the kindness of others to get things done, people help me with everything but the cutting, and I am grateful for what they do.

I believe in the kindness of strangers, so I emailed a load of them and asked if I could paint my friends on their walls in exchange for some food and a nice bed. Loads of them have said yes, more than I could have hoped. 

Between September and December 2013 we painted 15 murals across Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia, exchanging our art for accommodation, food and fun.

This kindness gave us an idea.

So we sent some more emails, and again, nice people offered to help. So in 2014 we will embark on the second leg of our journey

For details see www.ida4ineurope.blogspot.com.

Below is a selection of murals that I have painted in hostels across Europe. Each has been designed to represent the hostel and city. Contact me if you have a wall that needs cheering up

I like to take an old, dingy or anonymous wall and cheering it up with a mural. I like it when they make people smile. I like putting my art in places where art doesn't normally go.

In 2014 I am planning a series of murals across Europe. Each one will be on the wall of a charity or social enterprise. We are currently looking to source charities who would like to get involved. We're also looking for businesses and individuals to help us out.

If you want to keep up to date with the Europe projects then use one of these:

You can read: www.ida4ineurope.blogspot.co.uk

Or Like www.facebook.com/ida4art

Or follow @IDa4_ncl

If you have any questions, email ida4media@gmail.com

We rely on the kindness of others, but not everyone will trade. If you're flush and want to help us out, then click the link below.