I love spraying stuff on walls, contact me if you have a wall that needs cheering up and I can come and make it look mint.

This is the league of extrodinary wreck heads, a league of super humans like no other, I believe that this group of people could achieve anything. And sometimes they do. This painting was part of the Heaton Arts Festival 2012 and is at the bottom of Hotspur Street.

These paintings are sprayed onto the corridors of The Albatross Backpackers Inn, Newcastle, England. They show some of the great people of the North East interacting with some of the great things from the North East.

This wall was painted as part of The Heaton Arts Festival 2011. It includes a few of the fabulous people of Heaton. I really do love Heaton and everyone who rides in her.

This wall is at Barca Arts Cafe, Tynemouth. There are around 50 individual stencils, so there's plenty on there to keep it interesting.  Contact me if you have a wall that you need tarting up and we can selelct the perfect mix of stencils for you. The foods lovely there too

 These walls are in the dorms of the Albatross Backpackers Inn, Newcastle. They show some of the things from around the world that I like, in total there are over 100 seperate stencils. I love variety. Contact me if you need one of these in your life and we can select the perfect mix of stencils and colours for you.