I produced this piece in August 2013, and sprayed it at The Arches in Newcastle. I made this in response to the treatment of the lgbt community in Russia.I was pretty disgusted by it all and hoped to raise a bit of awareness and show some support to the Russian lgbt community. My original piece was tweeted by Stephen Fry, which resulted in the image trending on twitter, I was canny happy to say the least. 

As the approach to the Sochi winter Olympics loomed, and following the original image being painted over, I decided to re-spray the image in the heart of the Newcastle gay scene. I painted the image to coincide with the opening of the games. I wanted to show the lgbt people of Russia that we were on their side. Below is a link to a report made by The Guardian newspaper of the day the image was painted

Following the positive response to the Olympic Protest piece I have cut a smaller version of the piece. I am spraying 10 copies of this, each of the ten is an original spray and each is unique. I will be donating 50% of all profits from the sale of these to Stonewall, who promote the rights of the lgbt community across the world (www.stonewall.org.uk for more info)

If you are interested in owning one of these pieces please email ida4media@gmail.com or call +44  7841205010