Most of my paintings are of people. I work from photos. I get an image in my head then set the scene and take the photos. I like everyone that I paint. I don't paint knob heads, not even for money. Get in touch if you want a copy of one of these or a commission. All details are below.

Each layer is cut by hand, most of my paintings are 6 or 7 layers. I usually free hand the backgrounds. It makes them all unique. I usually use photographs that I have taken to make the stencils. I really like Erasure. I am influenced by most things. To varying degrees. Have a look at what we do for more detailed information
These are paintings of people that I know. I'd want these people round me in an apocalyptic situation. Enlarge the photos for details. 

Sometimes when I'm with people they say things that make me piss myself. The ones that I remember I sometimes cut out. These stencils are some of the most time consuming of all of them. And some of my favourite.

When I have enough time I'll occasionally cut commissions. These are ones off pieces made to request. Contact me for details and I'll make you something lovely for your walls. See my testimonials page for some punter feedback.